Stated Income Loans in Arizona, California and Colorado

Here is some information about stated income loans now available in Arizona, Colorado and California as well as Idaho, Nevada, Oregon and Utah. If you are searching for a stated income loan in one of these states, be sure to get quotes from multiple lenders, there are quite a few lenders coming back online with stated income loan products now.

DIRECT lender, offering defined and concise funding parameters you can rely on for your nonprime residential and commercial funding needs.


Par pricing – Owner Occupied – Non Owner Occupied
Rates starting at 8.99%

Contact [email protected] or call me at 310-737-8420

Residential Non Prime
(AZ, CA, CO, ID, NV, OR & UT)

4 Hour Approvals
No Lender Point Options
Owner Occupied and Non-Owner Occupied
Loan Amounts From $25K to Over $2M
Rehab Loans are OK
Clear and Defined Matrices You Can Be Assured Of
Lending to Individuals, LLCs, Corporations, Trusts and IRAs